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After all, it can’t be all work and no play, right?

One word for the work Brooke and her team did for me: Wow! What an awesome experience! First off, let me tell you that every email will be answered lightening fast throughout the time you work with Brooke. I was amazed! Also, this is a full-service company. I needed a website refresh, marketing copy and a new logo. It was great to have it all under one “roof” so to speak. They did an impressive job on the logo and the copy ~ again wow ~ so creative and her expertise shines through. If you visit my website, you’ll see that Brooke was marvelous at creating my vision and everything flows well and it really represents me and my brand. Choose Brooke and her team ~ you’ll be happy you did!


Laura Kay

Empowerment Coach, Pink Spark Life

I have been working with Brooke and her team for several months now and the impact it has had on my business is incredible! I originally connected with Brooke after a very long and exhausting search for a reliable VA to help me handle the growth that was happening within my business. I had just launched an online program and desperately needed a helping hand to promote it. I also needed to free up more time for me to keep up with my ongoing client workload by delegating admin tasks which were keeping me from taking on more paid work. To say I felt like I was drowning would be a total understatement.

I really wasn’t too sure what I needed, I just knew I needed help and I needed it yesterday! Our first phone call showed me just how calm and resourceful Brooke is, no task is too big or small for her and her team to handle which takes so much stress off of me so I can focus on working on the important things in my business. She is responsive and professional, she always has a solution for me when I need it most — the best part of it all is that her team members all carry the same care and attention to detail that she does in her own work. It is like having several clones of Brooke working on different areas of my business from marketing, to admin support, to WordPress help… That to me is invaluable because it takes the headache out of trying to keep everything organized and streamlined within my business. When I email her with a request, she and her team gets right on it! I have never once wondered where she is or when stuff will get done like I have experienced with other VA’s in the past… I always know she and her team is going to take the time and care needed to assist me because they really strive to support their clients day in and day out.

If you are looking for a VA group that really cares about your businesses success, one that can cover all the bases of your business so you can stop being overwhelmed by doing it all yourself, then your search is over! Go contact Brooke, you’ll be in good hands, I promise you that!

Sam Duncan

Online consultant/designer, The Element of Design

Talking to Teri (coaching session) was better than therapy – she helped me realize where my blocks were around marketing, and she gave me some fantastic practical suggestions. Most importantly, she encouraged me to hang in there and to be persistent – a reminder I sorely needed!!!

Lauren Mayer


Working with the Black Sheep VA team was a dream! Teri was quick, smart, goal-focused, detail-oriented, and superb at what she does. She went above and beyond to help me find a solution to my original problem, and fix issues with my website I didn’t even know were working against my SEO goals. The Black Sheep VA team possess an outstanding track record and I highly recommend them.

Karen Jayne Blattenbauer

Public relations

Brooke has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She knows her way around many programs and is a fast learner.  As an entrepreneur, I have my own way of doing things, but Brooke picked it up quickly and was never afraid to ask questions- which I so appreciate.  She helps me with scheduling newsletters in Mailchimp, designing Leadpages, posting blogs on my website, creating images for Pinterest (and my blogs), and designing workbooks for a group program.  Handing these tasks off to Brooke has allowed me to focus more on doing what I love and has made a huge impact on my business.  I would absolutely recommend her as a VA.

Lacey Nagar

Visibility Coach, Graceful Rising

What a gift to work with the super smart online marketers with soul!
Working with Brooke and her team has been a huge support for my business. I was done with the struggle of DIY format and been spinning my wheels sadly for too many months.It wasn’t until I discovered Black Sheep VA  that I finally gained clarity once and for all.

We jumped in and created a marketing plan for two of my businesses and a funnel that made selling my services and products so much easier for the client and myself. The Facebook Ads were beautiful and reaching the audience I needed! I finally had a strategy in place. The funnels had actions steps all along the way to work with me and make money.

Brooke and her team members are rare gems in the field where they care about your success and super smart at the same time. I like smart people! They are talented and trained in the field of copy writing, have worked with top leaders of online marketers and very trustworthy. They have your back and want you to succeed, learn and grow at the same time. As a creative healer or artist you might want to focus on your content, coaching and services and allow the brilliant virtual assistants and team do the work for you on your online marketing part.

Follow the plan and get the help you need because success will come much easier that way in the long run. I loved learning and working with Brooke and her team and can envision a long working relationship with them in the future. Take the leap, they are well worth the investment into yourself and business plan. So glad I found them.

Jane Morba

Vibrant Lifestyle Coach

Brooke came to my rescue after I had to let go an irresponsive VA. She has provided consistent service and is willing to go above and beyond to help me with my projects. She is easy to work with and I appreciate her up beat personality and sense of humor. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for reliable help with their marketing and techie support.

Kristin Wistar

Interior Designer, Kristin M Wistar

Brooke is an absolute pleasure to work with. As a copywriter, it’s important that I use powerful graphic designs to complement my words.I hired Brooke and her team to produce the cover art for my social media pages. Man, did they hit it out of the park!

Not only was I wowed by the designs, but the customer service was impeccable. She always met deadlines and was extremely pleasant throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for a VA/design team that will give you the royal treatment, this one is it!

Desiree Reed

Copywriter, 5 Seconds to Impress

Brooke has been a delight to work with. Not only does she know the ways around all things tech, she is also easy to work with. I found that with Brooke’s prompt attention, each task was completed with timely ease. I highly recommend hiring Brooke, as she will definitely bring joy to the project.


Suzanne Bontempo

Environmental Educator, Plant Harmony

Brooke is a fantastic VA. Her promptness is outstanding and makes all of the difference in keeping up with my faced paced brain! She is very knowledgeable with various systems as well, and if she doesn’t know how to do something she finds out how, and quickly! Thank-you for your support Brooke! ~ Chris Atley, CEO and Success Speaker & Coach at www.chrisatley.com.


Chris Atley

Coach, Author, Speaker, Decisions by Design

I have had the pleasure of working with Brooke for almost 1 year. I am grateful for her support and assistance in getting systems in place so my company can be in contact with our clients and keep them informed and engaged with our business.
Brooke is great at asking questions and creating clarity for our business. She has been 100% available to trouble shoot and send out last minute campaigns.  She is easy to work with and cares about businesses thriving.  She is hard working and detail oriented!

Kathy Flaminio

Mind Body Connection Coach, 1000 Petals

We’ve been working with Brooke for 1 and 1/2 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire her. We needed help programming blogs, finding images to match content, and someone to distribute content across our social media channels. I was impressed with how quickly she learned our processes and procedures and the nature of our business. She’s always in communication, offers solutions when there are problems, and completes all projects well before deadline. If you are a busy entrepreneur or if you have a team that’s maxed out, I strongly suggest hiring Brooke for social media and blog related projects.

Michelle Salater


Brooke has been fabulous to work with! She has a gift for taking the client’s personality and getting it on the page, which is a vital aspect of a good website. She is skilled at what she does – her websites pop, catching the interest of the viewer in a professional and fun way.



Regina Loveless

Creativity coach, Revealing-You

I have had the most fabulous experience with Brooke! She has been intuitively working with me, while building my website. She helped me make key decisions and made suggestions when I was feeling stuck and having difficulty making choices. Additionally she helped steer me away from not so good ideas. Brooke never pressured me, she just let me know she was ready when for the next step, when I was ready to take it. I have been so very impressed with Brooke’s work I have hired her to regularly to manage my website.

Brooke continuously rose to the challenges that presented and surpassed all expectations. We had a few issues that seemed insurmountable but she dug in and made it happen. She has amazing work ethic, a great sense of humor and the ability to navigate the ‘techie world’ with seamless ease. Brooke worked independently and took her assignment seriously, as if it was her own. I’ve found her work to be impeccable!

If you have the opportunity to work with Brooke I highly recommend her for any tasks she’s willing to take on. Working with Brooke will make you much more than just a satisfied customer. Being an entrepreneur can, at times, be a long road with your nose to the grindstone. It’s been great having someone so skilled and talented along the way to share the workload!

Lucinda Smith

Coach, Soulutions 4 Living

Brooke is such a huge asset to my team. She is professional, intelligent, detail-oriented, compassionate and agile. She takes on challenging work with excitement and a strong dedication to producing high-quality deliverables. Her innovative approach and willingness to support my business in many ways has enabled me to focus my attention on my clients and two businesses. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a team player and partner to achieving the demands of your business. She is someone you can feel confident knowing will do her very best work and be fully committed to your success.

Kristin Swarcheck


Brooke is responsible, creative, and knowledgeable and has yet to miss a deadline. Her best quality is her enthusiasm. She loves what she does and it shows! I highly recommend hiring Brooke for your virtual needs. She would be a valuable asset to anyone’s team!

Molly Scialabba

Online Business Management, LLC

I came to Brooke Strauss-Dobi with several involved and time-sensitive projects. She completed the projects expeditiously and with care, making sure that she understood the details of my requests and needs, and that she kept me informed as to the status of my projects. In addition, she was cheerful and accommodating, and very pleasant to work with. I confidently recommend her as a virtual assistant for either short or long-term needs.

Rachel Lavine

Brooke has been very reliable and follows directions well. She is pleasant to work with and is very flexible.

Joe Mandour

Mandour Law

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