Here are some case studies for some clients my team has worked with.

The proof is in the PUDDING…yum!

Teri did a FB ad campaign for a fitness coach. It was created to encourage women to sign up for her fun pole dancing class. 

RESULTS: This ad ended up have 830 people take action and sign up for the pole dancing class that booked out this clients studio for the rest of the year. She made over 80K and remodeled her studio.

Teri worked with a Relationship Coach: Ran ads on Facebook to sell her Yes Course. Her course targeted women and their relationships.

We ran a series of 5 ads over an eight week span to bring traffic to her course. She had never run an ad before therefore we were starting from scratch. We needed to mine the data from each ad to ensure that we were hitting her target audience.

Here is what we did:
A. Seduction/Brand Awareness – this ad was to allow her demographics to become familiar with her face in their newsfeed. We ran this ad for 10 days. We ran 2 ads targeting 2 sets of women at $5.00 a day.

B. Authority Building – once the first ad completed we then ran this ad so that audience could see that Dr. Donna
was an expert on her subject matter. We ran with a popular blog post of hers. We had a conversion rate of .09 cents a click. We ran one ad at $5.00 a day.

C. Optin – This is where we ran her freebie optin ad to encourage her audience to sign up on her email list. We ran this ad for 10 days, and had tremendous results. Her list started off at 0 and at the end of 10 days we had a total of 600 sign ups. Again we ran this ad for $5.00 with a click rate of 0.03 cents an ads

D. Video – We ran a video ad for 7 days that was meant to seed the idea of her course she was offering. Again because we had used the same demographics this was hit with tremendous results. 

E. Retarget – This ad was run for 10 days after her free webinar to those who did not sign up for her program. There was a total of 80 sign ups from this ad alone.

We brought an audience that was completely unaware of the client and what she had to offer. Her course sold out and she was able to reach her goal of 200 sign ups. We made sure to allow enough time that the ads could be run before the launch and build the audience to make this happen.

Teri worked with a client who decided that she wanted to run a couple of ads to drive traffic to her website. These ads were to target parents who needed help with talking to their children regarding being sex positive.

Due to Facebook and their monitoring of ads being run, we had to run this ad twice due to Facebook feeling like it was too sexually explicit. However, the ad was very plain in its text regarding sex:

a) First ad that was run had the title of “Are you not sure how to talk to your child about sex” This ad ran for 4 out of the 10 days we planned on running it before Facebook shut it down. We started with a very small demographics set to see what kind of numbers we could draw, and we were worried about Facebook. This ad ran for $5.00 a day and in the four days it ran, it had over 2000 views.

b) The second ad had a revised title of “Being a Progressive Parent by Discussing the Hard Issues” again we ran for10 days at $5.00 a day. At the end of the ad, we had a reach of 6000, which 3500 signed up for her mailing list.

Teri worked with a client who started with a mailing list of 400. She ran her free option for a week with Facebook ads. Her list jumped to 1200. Through nurturing emails she was able to upsell 500 on her list and retargeted another 100.

While that was going on she did another Facebook ad to sell her program without the free opt-in and sold her program to another 450. Again retargeting, and selling another 189.

Suzanna started with a client with zero people on her list. Since working with Suzanna,  she has obtained 1,153 warm leads for an average of $1.59 each.

Dani  started with a client this past May looking to launch her group program. Being completely new to internet marketing she had no idea how to go about marketing it or even what tools to use. Together they created a customized marketing plan and were able to fill 12 out of the 15 spots available in her program using all warm and retargeted traffic. Once they wrapped up the group program we built and silently launched a low ticket membership program for her that brings in an additional income stream of about $400 per month.

Dani started doing some marketing automation for a client in June in order to be able to streamline her sales process using by funnel building and running FB ads for her signature live program and evergreen course. Since then she has been able to increase evergreen course sales by over 10% and generating over $10,000 in recurring revenue per month.